No matter what we do in life, we all experience wobbles!

Wobbles are the physical and mental challenges we encounter both in our yoga practice and in our daily lives. The essays in this book, written by yoga teachers and practitioners, reveal their personal journeys in learning to accept and even be grateful for the wobbles they experience both on and off the yoga mat.

Wobbles, these writers agree, are unavoidable; the key is to notice wobbles, not judge them. This book encourages us to think about the types of wobbles we experience both on and off the yoga mat, and challenges us to become more aware of our habitual, often unconscious, approach to managing wobbles.

Finally, this book inspires us to embrace our wobbles as a source of wisdom to help us grow and live a satisfying life. 

“This is a fantastic resource! The essays in this book help the reader understand “wobbles” both on the mat and in life, are both normal and acceptable. It is full of encouragement and inspiration. I highly recommend this to any yogi! 

J. Murdock

“You don’t need to read the whole book at once and you can choose to read any essay at any given time you choose to. Such a joy to have been with this book all this time. Saving it for life.”

– posted from the Philippines

“A lovely and accessible collection of essays, built on the theme of what we can learn from noticing and embracing our wobbles in all aspects of life. The diverse essays remind us that trying to perfect or prevent wobbles may serve to hold us back…from balance in our lives (ironic!), from exploration, from learning.”

“You do not have to be a yogi to enjoy this book but anyone who has practiced yoga before will appreciate the background stories of the various contributors.”

“Thank you for this very inspiring read! This book helped me look at my life in a different light and try to be more present. Thank you!”

Yoga is often an essential ingredient in each story, but even nonpractitioners will benefit from these insightful reads. An engaging compilation of relatable lessons drawn from life’s challenges.” Kirkus Reviews

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“An insightful way of looking at how to use wobbles to learn and move forward. Really loved the quotes and messages/ essays from so many different people. Great usable suggestions.”

 The 2021 Best Book Awards

 “Embrace Your Wobbles” is a finalist in the Health: General category of the 2021 Best Book Awards.