I am new to blogging! A whole new wobble to embrace. I am so proud of my new book and the essays that relay lifelong messages. The response from my readers have been uplifting and let me know that this book resonates in so many ways. 

The purpose of this book is to help readers understand that wobbles (challenges) are an unavoidable part of both yoga practice and life itself.  The book asks readers to think about the types of wobbles they experience in life, both on and off the yoga mat. It invites readers to consider how they view these wobbles, including the inner dialogue they use when experiencing a wobble since this often provides insight into how wobbles are perceived.  Perceptions as to whether wobbles are good, bad, or neutral in part, determines the response.  Finally, this book challenges readers to become more aware of their habitual, often unconscious, approach to managing wobbles both on and off the yoga mat.  

Hope you will take the journey with me and Embrace YOUR wobbles, both on and off the mat!