All of us have multiple voices inside us; they are part of the ongoing narrative of the mind.  Each voice expresses a specific opinion regarding how we should respond to a wobble (the challenge at the moment).  Sylvia Boorstein, a teacher in the Buddhist tradition,  suggests we name these voices! She refers to that first voice in my ongoing dialogue as the “grandmother’s voice,” the voice suggesting “take it easy, don’t push, in fact, why not sit down have a cup of tea!” Wisdom is understanding in each moment, which voice to listen to and which to ignore. My inner dialog often vacillates between taking the path of least resistance (my grandmother’s voice) versus the path that embraces the challenge.   The issue of trying to discern which voice to listen to at any one moment is the lesson here. 

How many voices do you hear when you experience a wobble? 

Which voice do you listen to, and which do you ignore?

This is part of cultivating wisdom.