I believe that yoga practice is at its most transformational when we use it as a way to restore, nurture, and expand a loving, compassionate relationship with ourselves. We do this not only for ourselves but also because doing so changes the way we see others and interact with the world around us. 

At some point, even the most assiduous yogis are likely to wobble away from feeling worthy and whole in one way or another. The good news is that experiencing these kinds of inner wobbles can open up new avenues of inner examination. They may inspire our longing for empowerment, growth, and self-discovery. Deep-seated feelings that somehow, we just aren’t good enough just as we are, are often at the root of our search for something more. They can compel us to dig deeper and seek out ways to nurture self-acceptance, bringing about feelings of wholeness. 

In my experience, wobbling away from our inherent worthiness can show up wearing many disguises, including: 

Persistent self-criticism
A habit of comparing oneself with others, usually coming out on the bottom end
Feeling discouraged, disempowered, defeated, and hopeless
A lack of self-confidence
Taking things personally
A feeling of underlying sadness, even when everything seems to be going okay
Loneliness, even amidst others 

Yoga offers us an alternative way of relating to ourselves and our wobbles, one that is grounded in a vision of the human being as inherently complete and whole. Through practice, we gain glimpses of this state that, over time, fortify our conviction that, indeed, we are good enough.  (Excerpt from Barrie Risman’s Essay)